Small business apps are the new big thing, and they’re not just for small businesses anymore, they are also found in the online casino games world. They can be used by anyone who wants to run a more efficient, streamlined operation. Here’s a list of some of our favorite small business apps that you may want to check out.


This is a project management app that allows users to create projects, assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate with others on a single platform. It also has an API so developers can build their own integrations into it.


A time tracking tool that lets users enter in hours worked per day, then tracks how much they spend on coffee each week. The data from this is then graphed to show trends over time. Users can even link up their bank accounts to automatically pay them at the end of the month.


This is a project collaboration tool that helps teams work together on one project without being physically present. It provides issue tracking, document sharing, chat rooms, and other features.


 An invoicing tool that integrates with Quickbooks Online or Intuit’s Xero accounting system. You can set up recurring bills, import transactions from your bank account, and easily create professional looking invoices.


 This is a CRM tool that helps companies manage leads, customers, prospects, and opportunities. It stores information like phone numbers, emails, documents, URLs, notes, and more.


This is a portfolio management tool that allows artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, and other creative professionals to store all of their work online and share it with clients.


This is a social intranet solution that enables employees to securely access company files from anywhere. It offers file storage, communication tools, video conferencing, wikis, blogs, calendars, databases, and more.


This is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) product that offers secure file hosting and synchronization services. It also has mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.


This is a content curation tool that makes it easy for people to find relevant links shared across the web. It shows you what topics are trending right now, which authors have been mentioned most often, and which influencers are posting about specific subjects.


This is a group messaging tool that works via audio, text, images, videos, and location. It was built specifically for remote workers and distributed teams.

Chime for Work

This is a virtual receptionist service that connects callers to agents through a SIP trunking connection. Once connected, the caller can navigate a website to get answers to common questions, send messages to multiple recipients, leave a voicemail message, schedule follow up calls, and record voice memos.


 This is a task management tool that allows teams to plan projects, book meetings, and organize activities. It creates visual timelines of projects and tasks, Gantt charts, resource allocation spreadsheets, and Kanban boards.


This is a cloud storage tool that enables users to safely sync folders between different computers. It supports two way syncing so that changes made to one device appear on all others. It’s free for individuals but businesses can upgrade to premium accounts that allow for larger storage space.


This is an archiving tool that enables users to save any type of file in the form of “notes,” which can be tagged and organized using various themes. Users can search for archived notes by date, keyword, or even upload photos to accompany their thoughts.


 This is a help desk ticketing tool that provides self-service options for small businesses who may not need live support. It allows users to create tickets, track them, assign them to agents, and collect feedback.