Parking Lot Paving: 3 Factors To Keep In Mind

A well-installed parking lot can benefit your business because it gives people a good impression of your company. It can improve your curb appeal, increase property value, minimize accidents, and enhance customers' experience. Besides, you want your employees, customers, or tenants to have adequate space in the parking lot. Hence, you should hire experienced paving professionals for quality services.

However, you need to keep some factors in mind to make the right calls. The following are three factors to keep in before parking lot paving.

1. Drainage

The accumulation of water in your parking lot can ruin its structural integrity, costing you more to repair cracks and potholes. Thus, you need to plan for drainage around your paving. This will ensure water flows in the right direction when it rains instead of standing on the pavement. The contractors you work with will help you design the drainage to make sure the drainage system works effectively.

Moreover, it is vital to get commercial paving services during seasons with less rain. This is because it can be hard for the contractors to work during heavy rains since the water can affect the paving process.

2. Traffic Flow

Parking lot paving does not include a one-size-fits-all process. The procedures and configuration change depending on the traffic flow of your business. For instance, a commercial building with a drive-thru restaurant, banks, and a grocery store won't have the same paving as a customer care center.

The former has a high traffic flow. As a result, it needs a thicker and more stable pavement. Therefore, you should consider how many cars you expect in your business to know the correct type of paving configuration for you.

Additionally, you need to consider the weight of the vehicles that will park in your lot. If your business deals with delivery trucks, heavy equipment, or buses, you should have a thicker section in the lot specifically for them.

3. Material

Different materials are used to pave a parking lot. The common ones are asphalt, concrete, brick, stones, tiles, and gravel. Each has its unique advantages, so you should choose one based on your objectives. Your paving contractor will explain how each material works to help you narrow down your options. You should also consider the maintenance needs of the materials. 

Parking lot paving is one of the most exciting projects for business owners due to the benefits of having a reliable parking lot. Everyone wants to have a convenient parking lot that serves both the employees and clients. If you are a business owner, consider the factors discussed above and hire experts to enjoy outstanding outcomes of your paving project.