3 Tips For Keeping Your Store’s Asphalt Parking Lot Maintained

If your business has a small parking lot for your customers and employees, you probably want to keep it looking as good as possible to increase your store's curb appeal. If so, use the following tips to help keep your asphalt parking lot maintained and in pristine condition.

1. Sweep and Spray the Lot 

No matter what the time of year, there always seems to be something that covers and dirties your parking lot, from dried leaves in the fall to dust and grass during the hot, dry summer. No matter what falls on your parking lot, any debris accumulation could cause potential damage.

If left on the pavement's surface, a collection of dirt, grass, and leaves keeps the parking lot from draining all of the water. If the water sits on the asphalt for too long, it can penetrate into the material and cause it to deteriorate.

As part of your parking lot maintenance chores, sweep away any loose debris two or three times a month. After the loose stuff is gone, spray the asphalt with a garden hose to fully clear away anything left behind.

2. Make Note of Small Surface Cracks and Chips

While you are cleaning your parking lot, inspect the surface carefully, making note of any small surface cracks or chips you find. While these may seem like small nuisances, cracks and chipped asphalt can lead to serious structural damage down the road.

As water, snow, and ice seep into these openings in the surface of your parking lot, the moisture soaks the ground underneath the asphalt. When the ground becomes saturated, it can expand upward, putting pressure on your parking lot and busting through.

If you find any small areas of damage, speak with a paving contractor. They may be able to repair the damage before it gets out of hand.

3. Keep the Drains Clear of Debris

Along with clearing away debris from the surface of your parking lot and inspecting the asphalt's condition, keep the drains in your lot clear of debris. If these drains become blocked, water cannot drain away from your parking lot, making it settle on the surface and seep underneath the top layer.

Whenever it rains, pay attention to whether or not the water is emptying into the drains. If not, make it a point to clear the grates when the weather dries up.

Even if you are meticulous about keeping your parking lot maintained, you may still find areas that show signs of wear and damage. If so, contact a paving company like Plehal Blacktopping LLC to discuss your options for either repairing or repaving sections of your asphalt parking lot.