Why An Asphalt Driveway May Be Better Than A Concrete One

If you are going to be having the driveway put in for your house then you may be caught between whether you should go with a concrete one or an asphalt one. An asphalt driveway can offer you a lot of benefits that you just won't be able to get if you choose to go with a concrete one. You can learn about some of the benefits an asphalt driveway can offer and why it may end up being the best choice for your property by reading the information here:

Asphalt is more flexible

There are a lot of things that can cause the ground to slightly shift as time goes on. Dampness getting underneath the driveway can cause the ground to change shape and just a single earthquake can cause a fair amount of movement. Concrete can crack and become damaged as the ground shifts or changes shape in the slightest amount. However, asphalt can be much more flexible in this regard and do a bit of moving with the earth so there won't be any damage to the driveway that will end up needing repairs.

Asphalt won't stain as easily

Your driveway can get stains in a lot of different ways. You will have to be concerned with oil and other fluid leaks from vehicles and stains from other sources such as kid's bike tires and skateboards, people walking on it, mud being tracked on it, car tires repeatedly driving over it and much more. The darkness of asphalt will do a great job of masking a lot of these stains naturally where they can really stand out on concrete and ruin the while look of the driveway.

You can maintain your asphalt driveway to really prolong its life

When you go with a concrete driveway there isn't much that you can do to keep it in good shape and when it is damaged to a point it will require a whole lot of work to get your nice driveway back. However, when you go with an asphalt driveway you will be able to have it sealed every couple of years to keep it in good shape. Sealing the asphalt will put a fresh coat on it that will give it back that brand new driveway look and prevent damage from occurring. Asphalt is also much easier to repair if it does get a crack in it.

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