Increasingthe Feeling Of Space On Your Property

If your home's property is rather small, you are most likely looking for a way to make it feel more expansive to those who utilize it. Making a property feel bigger can be done with illusions that will trick the brain into thinking the space is bigger than it is in reality. Here are some ideas you can use to help in making your property feel larger with simple landscaping enhancements.

Consider Having A Retaining Wall Installed

When someone looks at a flat parcel of land, their eyes will glaze over the property quickly, as there are no features that will pique interest. Breaking up flat land with the addition of levels will make the eyes work harder to see all that is visually offered on the property, making the area feel bigger in return. Consider having a contractor come to your home to install a retaining wall on your property. This will not only help with water flow issues but will also boost the appeal of your property while making it feel bigger as a result.

Use Color To Break Up Monotony

A lawn full of lush green grass may feel like an attractive feature for a property, however, if your parcel is small, it may be doing more damage than good. Breaking up the monotonous color in your yard will help in making it feel larger to those viewing it. Consider planting bright flowers in decorative planters and use them in the middle portion of your yard to help draw the eyes inward instead of along the perimeter of your property. Alternately, a fountain or birdbath can be placed in the middle of your property, giving people a focal point that will attract their attention away from the sides of the land.

Install Pathways Through Your Land

Using sidewalks and pathways on your property is another way to make it feel bigger overall. The installation of cobblestone, paving, or brick will draw the eyes downward instead of making people notice the size of the land as a whole. Use curved paths rather than straight ones. This whimsical feature will give the land a unique feel. Place a bench along the pathway so those who use it can rest and enjoy the property from a view that will direct attention toward the middle area. Refrain from placing pathways along the edges of the property as this can make it feel even smaller as it will make barriers noticeable.