The Asphalt Advantage: 3 Home Projects Perfect For Blacktop

Asphalt, sometimes referred to as blacktop, is a surface that offers a homeowner a wide range of benefits. While a blacktop surface might not the be the first you'd consider for your home, you will find that there are some excellent home improvement projects where asphalt is the perfect choice. Here are three of them. 

A Stunning Driveway

A beautiful, smooth driveway makes your entire property look better and increases the curb appeal of your home. An asphalt driveway will give your landscaping an instant upgrade and make your home look like a place that is taken care of and well maintained. 

There are other reasons to have an asphalt driveway as well. 

  1. Your blacktop driveway will last for many years. 
  2. You will have little maintenance, other than a coating every few years and attention to any cracks that develop. 
  3. Asphalt is tough enough to handle many cars and even heavy construction equipment. You won't have to worry about commercial vehicles destroying your property, and you can be assured that your driveway can handle even a multi-car family. 
  4. Blacktop paving is an inexpensive choice of material for a driveway. 

A Place for Play

Blacktop makes a great play surface. It is softer than concrete but strong enough to handle many children or adults running on it day after day. You can use your blacktop surface for all kinds of play. 

  • Put up basketball hoops, hockey goals, or a volleyball net for a fun game. 
  • Designate an area for sidewalk chalk or paint so kids can express their creativity. 
  • Draw templates for four-square, hopscotch, and other games. 
  • Set up swing sets, slides, teeter-totters, and other play equipment. 
  • Use it as a base for a temporary inflatable pool in warm weather. 
  • Put up a trampoline or bouncy house. 

A Wonderful Workshop

Turn your blacktop into an outdoor workshop. You need a level, smooth area to properly set up heavy work equipment like table saws or lathes. You will also need a steady space for saw horses and other platforms for working. 

You will find that you can easily set up your workshop on asphalt, and you can even build a structure to cover the area so you can work in the rain and other weather conditions. 

An asphalt or blacktop surface can truly add to your property and even increase the sale value of your home. Consider how this type of surface can work for you and your family.