Improving Your Driveway’s Curbside Appeal

If you have just had asphalt placed over gravel in your driveway, you will most likely enjoy the many benefits it provides to you as you drive or walk upon it. Keeping your driveway in an aesthetically pleasing appearance will provide a curbside appeal to those who pass by your home. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your driveway remains in the best possible condition so it continues to look like new for as long as possible.

Keep Damaging Items Away

It is important to move your vehicles around your driveway every few days. Parking your vehicle in the same exact location each day will lead to the settling of the asphalt underneath each tire. Since a vehicle is so heavy, the pressing down of the weight upon the asphalt will lead to indented portions in your driveway. Moving your vehicle slightly will remove the risk of sunken portions of asphalt from vehicle weight.

It is also a good idea to keep harmful chemical substances away from your asphalt altogether. When you tend to your lawn or apply a pesticide to your property, cover the sides of your driveway first so the chemicals do not contact the asphalt. If you notice a vehicle is leaking oil, place a tarp under the carriage to reduce staining.

Clean Your Driveway Every Week

One of the best ways to keep your asphalt looking fresh is by cleaning the surface of your driveway on a regular basis. Failing to remove any debris that settles on the top of your driveway can lead to portions with staining, fading, or cracking from excessive moisture accumulation. Use a push broom to remove natural debris and pick up any household items that happened to land on your driveway, by hand. Cleaning your each week will aid in keeping it from suffering from premature deterioration.

Tend To Any Damaged Portions

When a crack is noticed in the asphalt surface, it should be patched immediately so it does not escalate in size. Cracking can occur from moisture settling on your driveway. To fix a crack, use a cement component made especially for asphalt surfaces. This compound can be pushed into the crack via a caulk gun to seal it from view. After the cement hardens, a layer of seal coating can be swept over your driveway to give it an instant visual appeal. This will hide the flaw from view and refresh your driveway with a dark hue.